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Marketing Consultation
 Sales Communication Services

Our marketing consultants are experienced marketing team to help you enlarge actionable tasks, strategies and marketing plan. This team identifies the target market, find out more about the marketplace, finding solutions and creates marketing campaigns. Established companies can use a consultant to bring a fresh perspective or to help in specialized area of marketing. If you are planning to increase your sell our marketing plan will make sure that you can make it happen.
What we will do for you:
  • Rebranding
  • Advertising 
  • Social Media
  • Promotion
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Web Optimization 
  • Digital Marketing
There are various reasons which lead a company to do rebranding such as changes of business strategy, business environment, ownership and competitive position in market. We do rebranding to enhance your brand image and develop organizational identity.

Advertising is needed not only for new businesses but also for existing businesses. Companies apply advertising to send a message and communicate with their target market audience. It will help companies to establish a solid relationship with customers. Additionally, advertising causes raising recognition for brands that are assorted existing in marketplace. We are able to create successful advertising plan which allows you to achieve company goals.
Social Media   
Social media helps businesses and customers to react easily and quickly. Nowadays social media is a part of marketing strategy and you can gain huge amount of income just through social media. Social networks such as Facebook, Goggle+, Instagram, and Tweeter are not only becoming search engine but also with all coming updates in other search engines these social networks are being integrated. For many businesses their social profile can be more important than their website.
Our professional team creates and manages different social media pages which helps you to raise the number of consumers and create social media pages that are distinct based on your own company demands and attain more gain.
Promotion is one of the effective tool to motivate customers to purchase a product and service. Well-designed promotional strategy will bring profitability and improving sales as well as increasing the number of satisfied and loyal customers. We can offer you to use appropriate promotional strategy to promote your business based on your company priorities, goals and budget.   

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/ Web Optimization 
SEO is the process of getting traffic from the organic and natural search results on different search engines. SEO also known as web optimization. It brings many advantages for website. For instance, inhance brand awareness and increase website traffic. Lidoma will optimize your website to be found in search engines. 

Digital Marketing
Digital marketing is effective marketing channel which helps you develop your business.  Digital marketing helps to have better communication with target audiences. Digital marketing assists you to attract more customers and gain more income. This is more cost-effective marketing channel than traditional marketing channel. It positively affects ROI, brand reputation, trust, customer satisfaction and repurchasing. Lidoma is professional in digital marketing channel and can promote your products and services.