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We understand that deploying RFID technology is a critical decision for many of our clients. The increased speed, reduction in labor, inventory accuracy, and visibility that RFID brings to inventory management and source tagging is a proven fact. Lisom's RFID solution makes it possible to integrate and expand the presence of RFID technology across its vast operational footprint.

Patent Pending PCT/US2013/039960

  1. Warehouse & Distribution
    Warehouse & Distribution
    Lidoma has deployed its Hands-Free RFID inventory / asset tracking solution to warehouse environments, providing live visibility and location data specific to the aisle, shelf, and shelf level locations. With the touch of a button, personnel and management can easily and quickly find any item within any size facility.
  2. Retail
    Lidoma has successfully rolled out its Hands-Free RFID solution to major chain retail stores such as American Apparel, proving that Full-Time Hands-Free inventory is now a cost-effective reality, in high density, dynamic, high traffic retail environments.
  3. Industrial & Manufacturing
    Industrial & Manufacturing
    In Manufacturing and Industrial applications, our clients can benefit from the Lidoma Hands-Free RFID Solution by increasing efficiency and reducing labor costs. Our engineers specialize in process observation, analysis, and the creation of customized RFID solutions to solve specific needs and work-flow challenges. Our solution will allow the labor force to focus on more important tasks while freeing them from mundane, repetitive, but necessary processes.
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​​Why Lidoma?

  1. Capability
    Lidoma has proven capabilities to proactively design and deploy customized operating models that deliver superior service experiences and outcomes aligned with customer’s specific needs. We have successfully demonstrated our technical and manufacturing capabilities in support of various industries, with experience executing large integrations and large scale re-designs and process consolidations
  2. Predictability
    From the initial stages of transition through the steady state, we will focus on mitigating risk in all aspects of planning, resources, process, and technology. This will ensure a smooth and predictable integration and transition to our technology platform Athena.
  3. Flawless Execution
    Our experienced team, specialized tools, and proven methodologies will ensure that implementation is right the first time. Our methodologies, developed in accordance with the Project Management Institute's (PMI) guidelines, will carry over from transition into our steady state operations and will be measured through our service level performance.
  4. Competitive pricing
    Lidoma is prepared to provide the most competitive and innovative price structure in the marketplace today, for both its technology platform Athena and hardware. As it has with our many satisfied customers, you will be positioned to realize additional savings in labor cost across its retails stores.
  5. Senitron Software
    The Senitron cloud-based application, Athena, is the ultimate portal and dashboard to managing, tracking, automation, and inventorying of your assets. Athena has a wide range of options, capabilities, and features that will enable the power and agility that can be achieved through our of RFID technology approach.
  6. Support
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